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Password Agent

IMPORTANT! This page contains info about old version 2 and is not yet updated with up to date information about version 3 (2016)

Free Lite version available! Fully functional, only limited to 20 entries per file. Download here!

Password Agent is an easy-to-navigate password management program that allows you to store all your passwords, secret notes and data snippets in a single, secure database. Do you have too many passwords to remember? Are pieces of paper that you used to write down your important account information lost? Do you want to find this information quickly? Password Agent keeps track of all your passwords - no problems, no worries. And, it keeps unauthorized users from accessing your private information.


Some features:

  • Fast, compact and easy to use program with a familiar interface that's similar to Windows Explorer
  • AES-encrypted data files, accessible only with the master password that you choose.
  • Store all kinds of textual information you need to keep track of and find quickly -- from passwords and web logins to credit card and passport numbers; from software activation codes to serial numbers and purchase dates of your home electronics -- or any other information you want to write down and keep easily accessible in one secure place.
  • The program can work directly from a removable disk or USB flash disk, so no additional installation is needed to use it on other computers. Password Agent even includes the TakeWithMe Wizard which makes it really easy to copy the program, along with your data, to your removable device for easy transport.
  • Create your own custom groups/subgroups to organize your entries for quicker, easier access.
  • Each account entry consists of Title, UserID, Password, Link, Note, Date Added, Date Modified, Date Expire and Old Password fields. You can also make Note entries that do not have UserID or Password fields. All text fields allow a virtually unlimited length of text, so you can store long memos in the Note field.
  • Automatically fill login prompts with required data (each entry is customizable by template).
  • Includes a password generator that generates non-guessable passwords.
  • Powerful QuickSearch function that allows you to easily display only entries that match a query across all groups.
  • Print a hard copy of your database.
  • Export your database to HTML (grouped or columnar), XML or CSV. Import entries from other password database programs in CSV format.
  • Sort by any column in ascending or descending order, plus you can custom configure which columns are displayed and rearrange their order.
  • View/hide sensitive information switch, plus you can configure yourself which data fields you consider sensitive.
  • Strong, U.S. government approved AES/Rijndael encryption (256-bit key).
  • A password database file that contains 100 entries can be under 10 kilobytes in size! That means small, fast and efficient files.
  • Easy to understand, printable User's Manual in PDF format as well as online help.
  • Multiple automatic backup files in the local system plus an option to make copies to another location.
  • Plus much more...

"It's the best I've come across, and finding such a great combination of features took me literally years."

Password Agent Lite is completely free, and allows you to store up to 25 entries per file. It has no other limitations! If you need to store more entries, you can purchase the Unlimited version for only $24.95. The Unlimited version can store virtually an unlimited number of entries. If you only need to store less than 25 entries in your password database, you can use Password Agent Lite for free forever (remember - no ads, no nags)...

"I've tried well over a dozen of password management programs and yours is the best by far. Clean, elegant design, highly flexible configuration, the best printout options I've seen. It has everything I want and need plus that charming little touch of class (the giggle). The price is very fair too. It is a pleasure to use this program."

Sounds interesting? Download the free Lite version now and see for yourself. And don't forget that all our products come with an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee. If you have any questions or concerns, unlimited free support by e-mail is always available. You can't go wrong with Password Agent!

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Current Password Agent version is 2016.10.10, version history

System requirements
Vista/7/8/10 (both 32 and 64-bit)

Direct download: Password_Agent_2016_10_10.exe (6.5 MB)

User's Manual
You can download User's Manual in Adobe Acrobat format separately so you can learn about the program without installing it.

Buy Password Agent online only for $24.95 (upgrade $14.95). See web shop for volume discount and license options.

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