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Password Agent

Free Lite version available! Fully functional, no ads, only limited to 20 entries per file. Download here!

Password Agent is a powerful yet compact and easy to use password manager program that allows you to store all your passwords and data snippets in a single, easy to navigate and secure database. It is browser independent, supports most common web browsers without installing any special browser plug-ins or extensions. Password Agent can semi-automatically log you to web sites just by pressing a global hotkey in web browser, so you can stop using un-secure password managers built into web browsers.

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Some features:

  • Protect all your sensitive information with one master password – you need to remember only one password. That makes it possible to use strong random passwords like SJocLSj4DXW0fGH for all your web site accounts, as you don't need to remember each and every password any more. You just need to remember one master password which allows you to open your password database.
  • In addition to storing data securely, Password Agent will also help you to automate your web site logins without needing any separate web browser plug-ins. Using Autofill allows you to log in quickly even when using long 20-character passwords.
  • Password Agent stores all your sensitive data locally, in your computer, not in the internet “cloud”. While service providers push cloud storage as solution for all data storage issues (of course, they can charge monthly fee that way, plus they can also track your online behavior and re-sell that information for more gains!) and it is true that internet storage allows very convenient data access from different devices, you need to keep in mind that cloud storage is not good location for your sensitive data like passwords. “There is no cloud. It's just someone else's computer” – and that is not a joke! With Password Agent you are master of your secrets, not someone else.
  • Password Agent was designed with security in mind from ground up. While most password managers you can download from the internet focus mainly on encrypting your data on disk, Password Agent uses secure plain text handling also for all in-memory operations. Data is always kept in memory fully encrypted. In addition, in normal viewing and browsing mode there is no moment in time where all fields of an item are decrypted into plain text at the same time. Item fields are decrypted one by one only when needed to be drawn on screen, after drawing plain text is immediately burned. Whenever possible plain text is not passed to Windows API. All that minimizes possibility of plain text leaks to memory and scratch disk. Also, native 64-bit version (in addition to 32-bit version) makes use of additional security of the OS.
  • Password Agent uses only strong, standardized and U.S. government accepted cryptographic primitives like PBKDF2 with SHA2-256 for key derivation, AES (or optionally Twofish) for encryption.
  • Your textual data is stored in UTF-8 character encoding, which means most world languages and international characters are supported (over 1.1 million different symbols).
  • Password Agent is valuable tool for system administrators who need to maintain bigger databases of users. One can easily store thousands of items in one data file and tabbed interface allows opening of multiple data files at time. That makes it easy to move data from one file to another securely – copy and paste between files is fully secure. Multiple users can also access same file simultaneously over network, although only the first user gets read/write access (others get only read access).
  • Password Agent does not lock you away from your data. You can export all your data from Password Agent to common XML or CSV format any time you need to migrate to some other password manager.
  • Password Agent is a self contained program, no special installation or external framework dependencies are needed. That also means you can just run it directly off removable drive, like USB flash drive, making is very portable. You can also share it easily on file server.
  • Built in password generator generates non-guessable random passwords for you. When using autofill function to login, you don't need to type your passwords manually, so you can use longer, more secure passwords.
  • Plus much more...

"It's the best I've come across, and finding such a great combination of features took me literally years."

Password Agent Lite is completely free, and allows you to store up to 20 entries per file. It has no other limitations! If you need to store more entries, you can purchase the Unlimited version for only $24.95. The Unlimited version can store virtually an unlimited number of entries. If you only need to store less than 20 entries in your password database, you can use Password Agent Lite for free forever (remember - no ads, no nags)...

"I've tried well over a dozen of password management programs and yours is the best by far. Clean, elegant design, highly flexible configuration, the best printout options I've seen. It has everything I want and need plus that charming little touch of class (the giggle). The price is very fair too. It is a pleasure to use this program."

Sounds interesting? Download the free Lite version now and see for yourself. And don't forget that all our products come with an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee. If you have any questions or concerns, unlimited free support by e-mail is always available. You can't go wrong with Password Agent!

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Current Password Agent version is 2019.6.28, version history

System requirements
Vista/7/8/10 (both 32 and 64-bit)

Installer download (contains 32/64-bit executables & user's manual): Password_Agent_2019_6_28.exe (7.86 MB)

User's Manual
You can download User's Manual in PDF format separately to learn about the program without installing it. Note that the latest version of the manual is also included with installer.

Buy Password Agent online only for $24.95 (upgrade $14.95). See web shop for volume discount and license options.

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