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  • Added security setting "Block screen capture (return black window)" that is enabled by default. Blocking screen capture by default helps to prevent malicious programs from secretly recording your Password Agent window contents. Disable it only if you get black Password Agent window when accessing your computer remotely using TeamViewer, LogMeIn or other remote connection software.
  • Fixed issue that caused groups list to flicker and scroll back to top when different group was selected.
  • Fixed error message "Commiting a new jump list".
  • Fixed missing 64-bit executable when using Take with me feature on 32-bit Windows.


  • Added back Autofill toolbar button that was present in version 2. It is not displayed by default, you'll need to customize toolbar to make it visible (menu command View | Customize toolbar). It is not recommended to use toolbar button for autofill but global shortcut key, because if invoked by toolbar button autofill is not very reliable, plus you do much more work by switching between Password Agent and your web browser. If you use autofill please learn new "autofill matching item" function that was added to 2016 version, so you can autofill without leaving your web browser.
  • Added new program setting "Lock on minimize", default value is No.
  • Improved Unlock screen: If you press Ctrl+Enter instead of just Enter after typing master password then after unlocking file Password Agent will be automatically minimized. Useful if you use mostly new "autofill matching item" functionality that does not require you to select item in items list to autofill from.
  • Improved recent files list management so you can remove specific file names from the list one by one or use new "Remove all" command.
  • Added "Lock" command to taskbar button's tasks list (only visible when there are any files open).
  • Added /LOCK command line parameter which allows you to lock any opened files in running instance.
  • When starting editing Note field, text is not selected by default.
  • Improved "No data file is open" screen with list of recently used files.
  • Take with me: Added overwrite confirmation prompt if data file in destination is newer than source file.
  • Fixed erratic behavior under remote desktop/terminal services session.
  • Fixed "The specified module could not be found" error message on startup.

2016.6.1 (initial release of version 3)

This new version is completely re-written and contains many changes, of which only major ones are listed here. Version 2 was released in 2002, so it has offered you solid service for 14 years! Not many software packages offer such long service.

Starting with this release I'll use new approach to releasing updates. There will be no more major updates like jump from version 2 to 3 – both small and big updates will be released as more frequent updates. That also makes moving from one version to the next less painless as there are less changes between versions. I will try to release monthly updates, but critical bug fixes immediately, if required. Your license includes 365 days of free updates, so you'll get any updates, small and big for one year.

Major new features in version 3:

  • Improved security. Data is kept in memory fully encrypted, like as on disk (in version 2 data was scrambled in memory but not encrypted). During normal viewing/browsing mode there is no moment in time where multiple fields of item are decrypted into plain at the same time. That minimizes possibility of plain text leak via memory dump or swap file. Item fields are decrypted one at a time only when needed to be drawn on screen. The same also in item details panel. Instead of putting all fields into edit mode at the same time, you can now only edit one field at time. That may first seem uncomfortable but is much more secure as if you capture program memory at time of editing item fields, you can possibly only capture contents of one decrypted field being edited, not all fields of the item.
    For key derivation PBKDF2 with SHA2-256 is used, the old version did not use key stretching. Now you can also switch to alternative Twofish encryption cipher if desired. File contents is now authenticated before decrypting to detect file tampering and corruption. In addition, a serious bug in implementation of encryption was found in code base of version 2. That bug reduces security of files saved with version 2.
    For all the reasons listed above it is highly recommended to migrate to version 3 of Password Agent. This is critical security update for anyone using any older version.
  • Full Unicode application. Now all text fields are support Unicode character encoding, so text can be in any language.
  • Autofill matching item. New Autofill matching item function can detect link from current web browser window, automatically find corresponding item and autofill from it. There is no need to first select the item to autofill from in Password Agent. You can work in web browser and when you need to login, just press global Autofill matching item shortcut key and voila, Password Agent that runs on the background retrieves current link from web browser, finds matching item in your data file and sends autofill text to browser. No web browser plug-ins are used. See topic “Autofill matching item (new in version 3)” on page 27.
  • Two different fully user customizable items list views. Each view can display 1-3 lines of text about each item. If you liked compact 1-line items list view of version 2 more than the new default 2-line view in version 3 then you can press Alternative view button on toolbar to change view. To customize current view further choose View | Customize.
  • You can now open multiple files simultaneously. If more than one file is open you see tab for each file to switch between files. You can also switch to different file from keyboard by pressing [Ctrl]+[F1..F9] or [Alt]+[F1..F9]. If more than one file is open then autofill function fills from currently selected file. You can copy and paste items and groups between files in fully secure manner, no plain text is stored in clipboard during such operations.
  • New password generator with policies. Uses cryptographically secure random number generator. You can create named policies which are saved inside data file.
  • Now you can attach external files to items. That is meant for adding only small files like license or key files and not for encrypting external large files like photos, because all attachments are always kept in memory and are embedded in data file.
  • Template items. Items in Templates folder can be used as templates for new items. When you create new item based on template then all properties of template item are inherited. New item is a copy of template item, except title. See topic “Template items” on page 21.
  • Now you can choose from hundreds of item icons, plus you can also change icon background color for each item separately. To change item icon first display item properties (double-click item) and then press button that displays item icon.
  • Items list allows selecting multiple items at time, so you can select multiple items to copy, move, delete, print etc.
  • To offer better portability, program settings are stored in .INI file instead of registry. Settings are stored in user's roaming profile in %APPDATA%\Moon Software\Password Agent folder.
  • Native 64-bit version is also included.
  • Support for high DPI monitors (200+ DPI).
  • Compatibility with upcoming mobile version.

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