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Changes in 1.2.2

  • Hide System Fonts option (on by default) does not display system font Marlett in font listings. Don't delete or uninstall this font, otherwise your Windows interface is not displayed currectly any more. It is highly recommended to keep this setting enabled.
  • Fixed annoying problem that was not possible to uninstall/unload fonts that were in system fonts folder without restarting Windows.
  • Settings were not saved when the program was closed by Windows on shutdown.
  • In disk fonts mode, keyboard navigation in folder tree did not cause fonts from that folder to display.
  • Rebuild Font Cache function in Repair Wizard disabled when running on NT/2000/XP.
  • If Rebuild Font Cache option was set in Repair Wizard, the program asked to restart Windows but actually only logged off current user. Now restarts PC.
  • User Text combo box can now store strings that are equal, but with different text case.
  • Startup nag screen removed from demo version.

Changes in 1.2.1

Minor changes
  • Registry functions handle invalid font entries better
  • Now folders containing OpenType fonts (*.otf) are displayed using bold font in the folder tree
  • Checkboxes are now visible by default on new installation
  • Fonts that are "in use" are now removed correctly under NT/2000 (after restart)

Changes in 1.2.0

New features
  • In folder trees folders containing fonts are now highlighted (option, active by default).
  • Filtering of screen fonts by family (monospaced, roman, script etc). Please note that not all fonts contain right information about their family, so display may be inaccurate sometimes (you may sometimes see few symbol fonts listed under Roman etc).
  • Browse Multiple Folders function allows you to display fonts from multiple fonts at once (supports subfolders too)
  • New tool Find Not Installed Fonts lists all fonts in given folder(s) that are not permanently installed.
  • Copy to/Move to and Favorites menus now contain System Fonts Folder as pre-defined item
  • Added Internet link to FontParadise.com to the Help menu.
  • Browse for Folder windows now contains button to quickly switch to your favorite and system fonts folders.
  • Save Settings to File command in the Help menu allows you to save your Font Xplorer settings to a registry file (*.reg) so you can restore them later using Windwos Registry Editor (even in different computer).
  • If font file is in use and cannot be deleted during move or delete operations (access denied), those files will be now automatically deleted by Windows after Windows restart (only available on Windows 9x).
  • In the Font Size menu, item representing currently selected size is checked.
  • In Character Map commands Copy as Plain Text, Copy as Rich text and Copy as Vector Image have representing buttons on toolbar (you can remove if don't like).
  • If $FX_LIST_SELECTED variable was used in custom command, then temporary file holding list content was not deleted after executing the command.
  • Text in some fields in Character Map's status bar was not completely visible with system fonts set to "large fonts".
  • Toolbar in Character Map was painted later than characters, causing flicker. Now looks better.
  • When moving fonts, program asked about keeping fronts installed from new location even if selected fonts were not previously installed.
  • In disk fonts mode Select -> Loaded selected also installed fonts.
  • If trying to change to a favorite folder that does not exist any more, message is displayed.

Changes in 1.1.0

New features
  • Fully customizable toolbars and menus with Office 2000 look & feel. Mix menus and toolbar buttons, create new toolbars, reposition them etc.
  • Font sizes are now user configurable. Current size is displayed on status bar as well.
  • Character Map can optionally display character numbers/hex numbers for each symbol and it displays this info for selected symbol on status bar too.
  • Commands to increase/decrease current font by 10 points.
  • New option to minimize to the system tray area.
  • If moving installed fonts, FX now asks if you want to keep them installed from new location or not. Previously it keeped fonts installed from new location.
  • Now also displays and manipulates OpenType fonts that have OTF extension.
  • If you want to copy file and it already exist in the target folder, you will get "Confirm Overwrite" dialog box that displays data about both fonts and allows you to compare them.
  • Save Image dialog now maintains output folder history, so you can easily pick one of lately used folders for output.
  • If unloading a font fails, displays a message.
  • Added a new sample sheet for printing. Prints 9 fonts per page, each font takes 2 lines with 28-point font.
  • If printing, now asks confirmation to change paper orientation to portrait if printer setting is not portrait.
  • Added option to pause printing after specified page count. That allows to turn around paper to print on both sides etc.
  • Font listing printout printed wrong page numbers and duplicate font on each page.
  • Character map printed character number in unreadable symbol font for symbol fonts.
  • Better support to uninstall/report installation status of fonts that are installed wrong (that contain wrong data in the registry).
  • Font name on status bar is now updated also on scrolling with the keyboard, not only when moving mouse over a font.
  • Now bitmap image generated from a font is 24-bit image, even user has different display setting. That means generated bitmaps are now compatible with most software. Previously generated bitmap had the same bit depth as display mode.
  • Minor problem when an empty script name was sometimes displayed (Tahoma Bold) in Character map scripts box.
  • Fixed some buggy English in message boxes and in help file. Thanks Ben! :-)
  • Now only 1 instance of Font Xplorer can run simultanousely. That is because if you run multiple instances at same time, font installation status is displayed wrong since other instance may have loaded fonts for displaying.
  • The system font Marlett is not lised in loaded fonts list any more. That is because of safety reasons.
  • Now Print dialog saves changed settings even you close it without printing anything.

Changes in 1.0.3

  • Previous update introduced a bug where startup folder options didn't work.

Changes in 1.0.2

  • Resource leak in text metrics window.
  • Resource leak in Find Duplicates window.

Changes in 1.0.1

  • Find Duplicates window now displays installation status images for found fonts.
  • File operations did not display confirmation message on file overwrite.

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